GARDENA, CA — Now available from Andamiro USA is the Pump It Up 20th Anniversary edition which can be purchased as an entirely new dedicated machine or in kit formats to update compatible legacy games. Dubbed PIU-XX, Andamiro’s latest model packs lots of new features, expansive music library, a redesigned interface and stunning graphics to mark the game’s milestone, giving both dance pros and casual players something special.

Andamiro offers two XX kits for upgrading compatible PIU legacy cabinets and the current LX. These include an (1) upgrade without main computer box (aka the HDD version) and another (2) with the main MK9 computer box.

Reference our Upgrade Kit Comparison Chart below to find out which kit option you need.

Operators who are considering running PIU-XX on an older machine need to know which cabinet version is being updated to make sure it supports the new software. Legacy PIU system cabinets that are compatible with the PIU-XX update are the CX (43”), the TX (55”) and FX (42”). The current LX with 55” display, which is the package for the new dedicated XX game, is the same cabinet that shipped with PRIME2 software.

These four models were designed and equipped with HD (high-def) displays, which are required for XX installations.

Earlier PIU versions featured SD (standard-def) monitors, and PIU-XX does not support SD. However, some older machines, especially the SX, GX and DX models, were upgraded with HD displays and MK9 boxes, and these may likely support PIU-XX software; updating these cabinets will need to be addressed case-by-case.

Questions? Please email Andamiro USA’s support departments at [email protected] or [email protected], or call us at (310) 767-5800 and enter 2 for service or 3 for parts. When contacting us about Pump It Up upgrades, provide the serial number of the game you wish to update. To help expedite your query, please take a photo of the white factory origin and game ID label on the back of the game and the cabinet itself and send those photos to the Andamiro agent assisting you.

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