Corporate Identity

Andamiro’s logotype and iconic arch (or arc) are the design foundations of the company’s corporate identity (CI). These symbolic elements, rendered in black and vivid orange colors, combine with the company’s slogan to effectively communicate Andamiro’s brand image and leadership position as a creator of innovative, vibrant and exciting amusement machines.

The curved line over the letters A, N and D is the “Arch of Andamiro.”

Ci Image

Like the sun appearing on the earth’s horizon to shine its light in the morning, the Arch of Andamiro embodies the company’s mission of “creating joy for all.”

Andamiro’s symbolism also represents the tip of a thumb, as in a thumbs up, which is a nod to the company’s sense of humor.

Our company slogan exists in both Korean and English:

모두에게 즐거움을 주는 회사

…expressed in English as “Creating joy for all.”

As a business entity, Andamiro’s goal is to lead the arcade industry by being the best partner possible.

안다미로는 아케이드 산업을 선도하며, 최고의 고객만족과 비즈니스를 실현하는 동반자가 되겠습니다.