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Established in southern California in 2000 and now headquartered in Irving, Texas, Andamiro USA Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of South Korea’s Andamiro Co., Ltd. We market Andamiro-built ticket redemption amusements, prize merchandisers, sports games and videogames, along with the Pump It Up dance simulator line, in the United States and Canada; we support sales in Mexico, Central and South America, and overseas markets. Since the start of the new millennium, Andamiro USA has brought to market more than 100 arcade games that operate in a wide variety of entertainment destinations. Our primary customers are entertainment center chains; independently operated recreational facilities; amusement equipment resellers; and thousands of professional amusement machine operating companies. Andamiro USA is also tasked with monitoring amusement and gaming trends, and shares information with its parent company to enhance future products. Our mantra is “creating joy for all.” Drew Maniscalco is president.

About Our Parent

Andamiro Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. Its Korean corporate offices are located in the Ilsan Techno Town building in Goyang, which is one of the cities that comprise the Seoul Capital Area. It houses Andamiro’s international sales organization, marketing and administration departments, executive staff and the iconic Pump It Up music development team. C.S. Lee is president and chief executive.

A satellite of the South Korean capital, Goyang is a high-tech metropolis that is also home to several distinguished higher-education institutions, including the Agricultural Cooperative College, Korea Aerospace University, and Transnational Law and Business University. South Korea, one of the world’s most technologically advanced nations, has selected Goyang to be its “smart city model” to pilot various Internet of Things initiatives before they are introduced nationwide.

Andamiro’s highly engineered amusement devices are built in a nearby factory complex, also in Gyeonggi Province, and at another facility in Incheon, Korea’s third most-populous city after Seoul and Busan.

We employ six development teams that constantly evaluate potential game concepts while designing the next generation of games that will be introduced to the marketplace. Quality assurance and production teams support new games that reach the production phase.

Andamiro also maintains sales offices in Tokyo, Japan, and Guangzhou, China. Our amusement products are sold in more than 70 countries.

About Our Promise

We approach every task with a sense of ownership. We are committed to becoming a global leader in the amusement industry by providing the best games and support. We are committed to improving our focus on research and development and staying in step with the fast-changing games industry. These are promises we intend to keep.

About Our Management Philosophy

Integrity is the guiding principle in our management processes. Integrity is the foundation of our four core management goals:

Value Creation. We strive to achieve value-added improvements for individual company members and the Andamiro organization as a whole. Quantitative and qualitative values are scrutinized and adjusted for improvement.

Efficiency Evaluation. We are focused on reducing unnecessary costs, building warranty systems (within 1% of failure cost), streamlining workforce productivity and refining the product development process.

Transparency. Through open and effective communication, we seek to improve our management culture and reinforce consensus across all company divisions.

Fair Evaluation. Human resources are among our most valuable assets. We identify strengths, nurture an individual’s potential and promote enthusiasm.

About Our Games

Andamiro designs, produces and markets amusement devices in most arcade game category. Andamiro’s specialty is the analysis, design, manufacture and maintenance of complex electromechanical systems – the combination of electronic circuits and mechanical components – that can operate in rugged commercial environments.

Andamiro’s electromechanical designs are often applied to our redemption products, the company’s dominant game category. From the token management, transport, sensor and firing systems integrated into coin games like SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade and Despicable Me Jelly Lab, to the pneumatic ball shooting mechanism in Basketball Pro, our electromechanical technology creates unique interactive and entertainment experiences.

Andamiro is also a leader in the prize merchandiser (or prize vending) segment and we have been producing these games since 2009. Winner’s Cube was the company’s first model in the prize category, and many of them remain in service today. Today, Safe Cracker is our flagship merchandiser and it is complemented by the compact Prize Pod.

In addition to its Pump It Up dance game, Andamiro has been developing other video games in recent years. The company’s first video titles were Tight Rope (2018) and Monster Catcher (2019), both of which operate as ticket redemption devices.

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About Pump It Up

Andamiro is known around the world for its Pump It Up (PIU) rhythm and dance game, a pop culture icon that commands a zealous fan base. The first PIU game was released in August 1999 in South Korea. The game was an immediate success in its home market, and it soon after reached North and South America, and Europe, as well as other parts of Asia – and today remains popular in all those regions.

Among PIU’s distinguishing features are five arrow panels on the dance stage, compared with four on other models. PIU’s arrow panels are up-left, up-right, bottom-left, bottom-right and center (which is an optional step in many song/step combos). Additional gameplay modes employ two five-panel pads side-by-side. PIU appeals to both freestyle and technical users.

Pump It Up songs are mostly derived from Korean influences and licensed from K-Pop artists. K-Pop, by the way, has been growing in popularity in the U.S. and around the world for the past five years. During Pump It Up’s early years, much of the game’s music was created in house by artists known collectively as BanYa.

Development of Pump It Up products, which includes mobile games, is overseen by Andamiro’s M-Team, headed by Changhee Son. The official Pump It Up website is located at www.piugame.com.