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Soccer Safari SpongeBob (vending & redemption)

SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward are on the first line in this exciting skill game for kids.

SKU: 39b5851cde3a

[RETIRED] The Soccer Safari line includes licensed SpongeBob cabinet packages in both vending and redemption versions. Like the original Safari game, the SpongeBob vending version dispenses 2” round capsules or novelty balls and holds up to 200 units. Prizes “self-transport,” rolling down a ramp from the storage bin to the prize door. Designed for arcades and FECs, the SpongeBob redemption version awards tickets proportional to a player’s score; it is compatible with card swipe systems and coin or token/paper ticket operations. Gameplay is the same in all models: the player fires mini soccer balls trying to defeat the moving goalkeeper. SpongeBob SquarePants is owned by Nickelodeon and ViacomCBS. All rights reserved.

Dimensions, Weight & Power Requirements


Dims: 22” (559mm) W. x 35” D. (889mm) x 66.5” H. (1689mm)
Weight: 220 lbs. (100kg)
Power Consumption: 85W / 1A


Number of pallets: 1
Dims: 48" x 28" x 64”
Weight: 350 lbs.


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Leaflets & Service Manuals

Soccer Safari vending manual
(Manual, pdf, 3.65 MB)
Soccer-Safari settings-guide
(Manual, pdf, 89.29 KB)