One of Andamiro’s best-selling games, the Marvel Avengers pusher is a top-played amusement device wherever it’s deployed. The popular coin pusher offers gamers a truly rich experience by integrating the Infinity Stones storyline of the “Avengers” movies.

The game’s circulating items include collectible cards featuring Avengers characters and replicas of the Infinity Stones. And those stones will get grimy and scuffed after a lot of play. So what can operators do about that? This simple tip will keep your Avengers looking sharp. Follow this before-and-after cleaning sequence to make your stones shine.


As time goes by and your Avengers clocks in thousands of plays, the game’s Infinity Stones will inevitably become dirty and scratched. Check out these two photos illustrating soiled and dull-looking stones from both sides of an Avengers:

Avengers Stones Tip Pic 7778 Before Web

Avengers Stones Tip Pic 7779 Before Web 


Use a disposable cleaning cloth like the one here and polish the stones, which are hard plastic balls, with Brasso or a similar polish. Before you polish and buff, you may want to use Goo Gone or a similar cleaner to remove the sticky residue from your stones; cleaning with white vinegar or a baking soda paste can also remove residue.

Now apply a small amount of Brasso to your cloth and work it around the stone. Use separate clean cloth to burnish the stone. Brasso and other quality polishes can also repair and fill scratches on plastic surfaces. Do this for all stones on the pusher playfields and those on the conveyer belts. Wipe the Brasso off with the fresh cloth and check the scratches. If they remain, polish one more time.

Avengers Stones Tip Pic 7780 81 Web


This cleaning and polishing process should take about 30 minutes to treat all Infinity Stones on both sides of the Avengers pusher. Check out these results:

Avengers Stones Tip Pic 7782 After Web

Avengers Stones Tip Pic 7783 After Web

Andamiro introduced its Avengers game in 2020. It is themed around Marvel’s most famous superheroes, features energetic electromechanical sequences, and boasts exciting rapid-fire, token-dropping sights and sounds. It is the first arcade title developed under the Andamiro-Disney creative alliance formed in 2019.