GARDENA, CA–February 8, 2018– Blending the elements of a skill crane and coin pusher, and possessing the ability to function as either a merchandiser or ticket redemption game, NFLPA Super Star Football Coins is one of the most versatile amusement devices in today’s market. Maintaining proper player coin levels in your game, while adding a little promotion, will enhance its success and longevity. Andamiro USA senior sales director Tony Maniscalco offers seven tips to keep players in front of your NFLPA game.

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1. Prepare for setup »

Note that your NFLPA game ships with an initial supply of 4,284 coins. Sixty NFL player faces are featured. Load half of them during setup, and try to maintain that level during operation. The playfield is partitioned into three sections, divided by the game’s two player stations, where the magnetic retrieval mechs pick up coins.

2. Set up, or “coin up” »

Distribute equal amounts of red, blue and silver colored coins across the playfield. There are fewer of the highly prized gold coins, hence, fewer should be allocated. And there are only 14 of our rare Tom Brady coins, so begin with seven of those. Concentrate most of the gold coins in the larger center playfield area.

3. Make your final checks »

Seed the game’s top and bottom pusher levels with enough coins to appeal to your players — just like you would for a traditional coin/token pusher. Keep handy your remaining blue, red, silver and gold coins (including the seven Brady pieces) for periodic replenishment. Now your NFLPA game is ready to go.

4. Monitor coin levels during operation »

Keep the playfield populated with a good amount of coins evenly dispersed. Make sure to order a new supply of coins when your reserves are running low. It’s recommended that high-volume locations purchase a second coin set right away.

5. Promote »

Special NFLPA coin collector’s albums are available. The 8.25″ x 10.625″ tri-fold portfolio holds Andamiro’s 60 featured players. Through March 31, 50 free collector’s albums ship with each game purchase — a $450 value. The albums make ideal prizes at the redemption counter. Create clear signage to build awareness about the albums. For best results, especially for games operating as merchandisers, fasten an album to the game’s rear wall and fill one of the books to show your customers what the entire collection looks like. These cool effects add excitement.

6. For ticket redemption operations… »

The NFLPA machine can also run as a “ticket” redemption game. Coins double as redemption media (they can be traded in for tickets), so players can keep them or redeem them. Award a Super Bonus (2,000 to 3,000 tickets) to players who win and redeem all nine gold coins. Returned coins can be reentered into circulation on the machine’s playfield.

7. Set the right vend price »

The price per play for your NFLPA game can be the same for the merchandise and redemption versions. The cost of goods ranges between 20% and 30%. We recommend $1/play in coin or token locations and up to $1.25/play in venues using cashless card systems. A “mercy ticket” option (up to 10 tickets) can be enabled to award players who don’t win coins; the machine is equipped with two ticket dispensers, one for each player station, to support this option.

By following these guidelines and suggestions, you can maximize your NFLPA revenue and deliver the best player experience.