Tight Rope is an all-new arcade novelty that applies the art of riding a unicycle on the highwire to a video-redemption game. Created and manufactured by Korea’s Andamiro Co. Ltd. and marketed in North America by Andamiro USA Corp., Tight Rope possesses the main attributes of any successful arcade game: it’s easy to learn, challenges players and rewards their skill, and it’s lots of fun.

Tight Rope is an original videogame developed by Andamiro Co. Ltd. for the arcade market. The game made its debut in November, and begins shipping in earnest in late January

With its high-definition graphics simulating views from various highwire adventures and its moving obstacles that increase the challenge, Andamiro’s Tight Rope will immerse gamers and test their reaction skills. Most of all, Tight Rope will entertain players of all ages.

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Tight Rope offers three courses — strung over a city, islands or ancient ruins — whose aerial themes are complemented by dramatic video scenery and gameplay. The object of the game is to complete one of the 600-foot courses to win a super bonus. The game’s main components are a pedal-style controller (like a crank axel on a unicycle), which controls the speed of the daredevil unicyclist, and a large vertical monitor. Players grip the bars on the controller with both hands to pedal their unicyclist along the wire. The pedal controller vibrates to amplify the sensation of riding a unicycle across a highwire.

Players with superfast reaction skills might be able to complete a course during one of their early attempts, and the majority of players will be able to learn how to complete the courses, and have fun doing so. As they pedal across the tightrope, players collect tickets as they try to outwit the obstacles and booby traps. Failure to avoid some of the ploys will knock a player off the wire and into the net. At the end of each course, players must cross a rotating bridge to win the bonus.

Tight Rope is a single-player piece offered in a tall, slender cabinet measuring 78.7″ high (more than half of the height is occupied by the 27″ x 47″ monitor). It has a footprint of 31.6″ wide by 39″ deep and features an entertaining sound package.