Music has always been at the core of Andamiro’s iconic dance simulation game, Pump It Up, featuring original tracks and energized covers curated for rhythm-action enthusiasts. Now, with the highly anticipated release of Pump It Up Phoenix, Andamiro takes the game’s music selection to a new level. This latest installment will ship with a playlist boasting more than 500 tracks, including 150 updated titles, the latest K-pop hits, World Music tunes, and renowned Pump It Up originals by esteemed composers.


In a remarkable turnaround, Korean popular music, commonly known as K-pop, has transformed from a criticism to one of Pump It Up’s greatest strengths. The genre’s unprecedented surge in popularity in the United States has captivated a vast and diverse audience, with the U.S. emerging as one of K-pop’s most ardent supporters, as evidenced by sold-out concerts. American fans are drawn to K-pop’s infectious beats, captivating choreography, and the irresistible charisma of its artists. Andamiro’s Music Team has taken note of this phenomenon and crafted a well-balanced K-pop playlist for Phoenix. Some notable K-pop hits making their Pump It Up debut are Monstra X’s “Beautiful Liar,” STAYC’s “Teddy Bear,” Ive’s “After Like,” and Dreamcatcher’s “Boca.”

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Phoenix’s musical journey doesn’t end with K-pop. The playlist also incorporates numerous updates in the World Music and PIU Originals categories. “R.I.P.” by eicateve, “Altale” by Sakuzyo, “Goodteck” by Ebimayo, and “Life Stream” by Aragami are just a few of the World Music tracks to which players can look forward. Additionally, the dance game features such PIU Originals as “Vector” by Zekk, “Showdown” by Litmus*, and “Jupin” by Sobrem, among others.


Pump It Up Phoenix ensures an eclectic mix of musical styles with contributions from leading rhythm-style composers, familiar to thousands of pumpers, like Naoki Underground, Morimori Atsushi, FiverWater, Quree, Dasu, DJ Noriken, WyvernP, BlackY, nato, HyuN, onoken, Cashew, LeaF, and many more.

In addition to the new songs in the official release, Andamiro will add more music in its periodic updates to Phoenix, including the winning compositions in the company’s 4th Contents Creation Contest.

Pump It Up Phoenix, developed and published by South Korea’s Andamiro Co. Ltd., marks the latest milestone for the world-renowned dance simulator. Click here to see PIU’s official Phoenix video for a sneak peek at the new song list. PIU fans can also learn more about Phoenix’s soundtrack at VGOST Fandom.