Andamiro’s Seoul-based M-Team recently released the 14th official update to Pump It Up XX, the dance video game’s 20th anniversary platform. PUI-XX version 2.08.0 delivers nine new songs and the same number of steps.

New songs:

Ultimatum by Cosmograph
BPM: 202 | Category: World Music
Step charts: S17, S21, S23, S25 // D25, D27

Mopemope by LeaF
BPM: 100 | Category: World Music
Step charts: S11, S15, S17, S20, S23 // D16, D19, D23, D25 // CO-OPx2

End of a Dream by uma vs. Morimori Atsushi
BPM: 212 | Category: World Music
Step charts: S12, S15, S19, S21, S23 // D18, D22, D25

Cross Ray by HyuN RAY (feat. 月下Lia)
BPM: 176 | Category: World Music
Step charts: S4, S7, S12, S16, S19, S22 // D14, D20, D23

Cygnus by NATO
BPM: 188 | Category: Original
Step charts: S4, S7, S11, S17, S19, S22 // D12, D18, D21, D24

Tropicanic by SHK
BPM: 145 | Category: Original
Step charts: S2, S4, S7, S11, S16, S19 // D6, D13, D18, D21

Paradoxx (shortcut) by Slam and NATO
BPM: 220 | Category: Original
Step charts: S21, S24 // D26

Brown Sky by Doin
BPM: 200 | Category: Original
Step charts: S19, S21, S24 // D21, D24, D26

Goodnight (full song) by Dreamcatcher
BPM: 196 | Category: K-POP
Step charts: S18, S21, S24 // D26

The nine new step charts are:

Beethoven Virus (S21, D23)
Pump Me Amadeus (D23)
Dolly KiSS (D21)
Scorpion King (D23)
Switronic (D22)
Phalanx “RS2018 edit” (D24)
Desaparecer (D25)
8 6 (CO-OPx2)

PUI-XX v2.08.0 includes other new features and some bug fixes. Pumpers and now enjoy all steps without unlocking them and new Event Zone Channel has been added to the game. Bugs for step charts Keep On! (S21 ), Point Zero One (D22A) and Creed 1st Desire (D23). Visit to learn more. 

Andamiro celebrated the 20th anniversary of its iconic Pump It Up video game in 2019 with the release of the XX platform. Go here to learn more.