Avengers Infinity Stone Challenge StraightIRVING, TX–Dec. 12, 2022– Few movie themes have realized such colossal recognition as the Infinity Stones’ plot in Marvel’s wildly popular “Infinity War” and “Endgame.” Central to these two major motion pictures, which had a combined production price tag of $1 billion, is the search for the Infinity Stones, the most powerful [fictional] artifacts in the universe, by Marvel’s famous superheroes and supervillains. So, it should come as no surprise that game-maker Andamiro reinvented the Infinity Stones motif as a live-action arcade game in its latest licensed title from Marvel Studios.

Andamiro’s Avengers Infinity Stone Challenge sends players on a quest to collect all six Infinity Stones to save the universe. With good timing skills – pressing the button at just the right time – players can successfully drop a stone into one of three target holes on the revolving playfield. Players can briefly be their favorite Avenger as they win tickets, collect stones and have fun. The easy-to-understand one-button interface makes this a game for all skill levels, but still challenges those with sharp eye-hand coordination.

The new ball-drop game boasts an attention-grabbing Avengers-branded cabinet with two player positions. It’s adorned with lively Avengers superhero artwork, outside and inside. Captains America and Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther and Doctor Strange, among others, appear in their original comic book stylings. A marquee depicting Thanos’s infamous snap will stand out in any venue.

“Andamiro’s Infinity Stone Challenge will appeal to players of all ages, joining family entertainment centers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” said Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco. “Marvel is the gold standard super brand, and our new game encapsulates the main storyline from ‘Endgame,’ the second-highest grossing film of all time.”

Infinity Stone Challenge employs color-sensing technology to transport the Marvel story into a quick-play arcade adventure. The game’s replica stones are colored orange (Soul Stone), red (Reality Stone), blue (Space Stone), purple (Power Stone), green (Time Stone), and yellow (Mind Stone). Photoelectric sensors detect the color and send signals to the game’s Infinity Gauntlets (two per side) that keep score. When a player collects all six stones, they activate the Super Spin wheel, which is positioned between two player stations. The wheel will stop on different bonus prizes.

Gameplay is progressive, meaning collected stones remain lit on the gauntlet until all six are won and the wheel spins. The game also plays with a “wild” black stone, which automatically spins the wheel when a player successfully drops it into a target hole. All functions are self-contained. A novel elevator system returns dropped stones to the top holding area where they recirculate.

Off the pallet and unboxed, Avengers Infinity Stone Challenge measures 70” W. x 47” D. x 101” H. and weighs 937 lbs. The new Marvel game is shipping nationwide. For more information, please email [email protected].

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