ORLANDO, FL–November 13, 2018– Andamiro is intensifying its drumbeat of innovation and imagination evidenced in number of new amusement machines. Several will make their debut during this week’s IAAPA Attractions Expo at the Orange County Convention Center here. The annual exposition is hosted by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, which was founded 100 years ago. Andamiro is exhibiting in IAAPA Expo booth 1302 from Tuesday, November 13, to Friday, November 16. Here’s what’s on tap:

Pump It Up 20th Anniversary Edition is offered in Andamiro’s LX dance platform cabinet with 55” display. This is a whole new software package: new user interface, new songs, new characters. It’s a milestone rollout for Andamiro’s M-Business division, which has been working on the game and system for a year, and it’s expected to be a huge hit throughout the entire rhythm video community. The original Pump It Up game was released in South Korea in August 1999, and soon reached North and South America, and Europe, as well as other parts of Asia. It’s become a pop culture icon around the world. The new Pump It Up 20th Anniversary game also is available in upgrade kits for cabinet versions FX (42”), CX (43”) and TX (55”), along with the current LX (55”).

WWE Superstar Rumble capitalizes on official content from the World Wrestling Entertainment organization to create a visual and audio mega-machine, as well as an action-packed redemption game. Players fire steel balls at a moving target: WWE championship belt. A successful hit moves the player up the ladder, while a miss redirects the ball onto a maze-like playfield, clad with pegs, where tickets are won. Reach the top of the ladder to win cards. Drain a ball in the center hole five times to enable multi-ball action. Each of the game’s two player stations has its own video display running game-related animation and real wrestling footage. This game plays with eight collectable cards that can also be exchanged for tickets. WWE Superstar Rumble measures 62″ W. x 48″ D. x 97″ H.

Safe Cracker continues Andamiro’s decade-long commitment to the design and manufacture of quality prize merchandisers. Safe Cracker is packaged in a sturdy, steel cabinet that boasts a textured black finish similar to that of an antique iron safe. The machine’s LED lights create an attractive exterior ambiance and a bright interior environment, making the prize selections stand out. The player holds the button down to start the game and keeps it pressed as the prize disc rotates counterclockwise. He or she has 30 seconds to start the game. It measures 40.3″ W. x 37” D. x 91.7” H. (76” H. without sign). Seven roomy and adjustable product shelves accommodate a wide variety of prizes, and a highly secure interior deters theft. Each shelf has a maximum size of 10” W. x 7” D.

Monster Catcher is Andamiro’s second video redemption game. Like Tight Rope, Andamiro’s inaugural video redemption title introduced one year ago, Monster Catcher was developed in-house and exclusively for the arcade industry. It’s easy to learn, challenges players and rewards their timing skill. It’s a one-button game that everyone can play. The small footprint game features lively and unusual monster characters that are sure to entertain gaming patrons, and it has a cabinet that matches the colors and excitement on the display. Players try to catch enough monsters to win the super bonus. Monster Catcher is equipped with a 55” display and is 35” W. x 34” D. x 100” H.

The Redeem Machine is Andamiro’s new interactive self-service kiosk. It accepts, validates and counts collectible redemption cards, coins and chips – which double as redemption media. Branded the Redeem Machine, this non-game utility ships ready to accept Andamiro’s SpongeBob, Minions and WWE game cards, as well as Bandai Namco’s DC Superheroes cards; its high-capacity solid-state HD supports expansion capabilities for additional game cards and items. The system recognizes bonus sets and awards “e-tickets” and points, accordingly. It’s compatible with popular swipe-card cashless systems, including Embed, Intercard and Sacoa, and ships with dual ticket dispensers for traditional “ticket” venues. The Redeem Machine ships with dual screens (23″ ea.). It can read barcoded and RFID cards. It measures 25.6″ W. x 32.5″ D. x 91″ H. with marquee (71.6′ without).