Andamiro is pleased to announce the introduction of a new card series for Jelly Lab, the company’s popular quick-coin arcade game. Jelly Lab Series No. 2 cards, dubbed “Ticket Jar,” are more colorful and thematically harmonizing. With that in mind, the new cards are expected to rejuvenate the game’s appeal.

Series No. 2 comprises eight cards presented as ticket jars, complementing the game’s science workshop theme. Each ticket jar is rendered as laboratory glassware with tubes and hydraulics in humorous fashion. The six standard cards feature lab jars depicting blueberry, cherry, grape, honey, mint and strawberry gelatins. Rounding out the series is the “Peanut Butter and Jelly” rare card and a special rainbow-colored “Instant Win” card that’s worth 100 tickets.

Andamiro retired Jelly Lab in 2021, but the game remains a centerpiece attraction in hundreds of family entertainment centers around the world. A new card series will make it look and play like a new game.

“Owners and operators of Andamiro’s Jelly Lab machine could enjoy renewed interest in their games thanks to our new Series 2 cards,” said Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco. “The new designs will keep players coming back and playing longer to win the new collection. It’s been six years of the same cards, so players are ready for something new.”

Andamiro’s Jelly Lab challenges players to time the landing of tokens onto targets to win tickets cards. Targets continually loop on conveyor belts. When a player collects the six standard flavor cards and the rare PB&J card, they win the seven-card super bonus.

Andamiro USA Corp. will begin printing Jelly Lab Series No. 2 in May. The new cards ship in 150-ct. boxes. Jelly Lab content is printed on both sides of each card; the back side has space that allows operators to customize their cards with a barcode or location name. For more information, email [email protected].

Jelly Lab Ticket Jar Blu Front N Back

PHOTO: Front (left) and back views of the Blueberry Ticket Jar collectible card. A barcode or company name can be printed in the white space at the foot on card’s reverse side.