Krazy Ballz Cabinet Playfield Logo ArtIRVING, TX–March 14, 2024— Dive into the turbulent arena of Krazy Ballz, an electrifying four-player game designed to be the jewel of any family entertainment center. With its captivating 75″ x 75″ footprint (approx. 39 square feet), Krazy Ballz offers a whirlwind of fun, challenging players to outmaneuver and outplay their opponents in a fast-paced, colorful spectacle.

The game’s core lies in its simple yet thrilling objective taking place inside a radial wind simulation dome: players must quickly gather balls that correspond to their designated zone colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. Victory goes to the swift – the first player to secure four matching balls wins. Adding a twist to the frenzy, purple balls serve as wild cards, usable by any player, with a special prize on the line: collect four purple balls to snag the coveted 2,000-ticket Super Bonus.

Krazy Ballz Cabinet Playfields LayoutAt the game’s heart is a centrifugal energy system featuring a rotating playfield that sends the balls dancing chaotically throughout dome. Balls descend into the recessed “collection receptacles” at each player station. Here, players must keep their colors, or reject rival colors by pressing the corresponding eject button.

With the promise to become a perennial favorite among multiplayer redemption games, Krazy Ballz is a battle of quick wits, speed and strategy. Andamiro will unveil the new game at the 2024 Amusement Expo in Las Vegas; it is expected to ship in late April. Assembled on location, Krazy Ballz measures 75” W. x 75” D. x 94” H. and weighs 882 lbs. Sales information can be had from your distributor or by emailing [email protected].