Andamiro doubles summer’s fun with exclusive baseball games for arcades and FECs

Andamiro is doubling up the fun in baseball arcade gaming, simultaneously offering two arcade attractions for the summer of 2022 that celebrate (and simulate) America’s favorite pastime. The company’s Baseball Pro Arcade, a classic pitch-and-bat game in a contemporary package, and its new Bobblehead Baseball, a video redemption piece, provide two distinct player experiences.

Introduced seven years, Baseball Pro simulates the real game by blending mechanical engineering with electronics. It features a moving homerun target, hit and out targets, a miniature baseball bat interface and automatic pitching mechanism. When they make a hit, runners advance along the bases. Baseball Pro harkens back to the mechanical pitch-and-bat games of the 1950s.

New from Andamiro, Bobblehead Baseball is the company’s latest video redemption game and first licensed title from MLB Players Inc., a subsidiary of the MLBPA. The new “videdemption” game pits arcade gamers against the bobble-headed avatars of MLB’s biggest stars in this fast-action, wholesome video game that awards tickets.

Bobblehead Baseball is rolling out first at all Dave & Buster’s location and will be available industrywide in August.

Click here to see Bobblehead’s in-game video.

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PHOTOS: Andamiro’s new Bobblehead Baseball (left and center) and Baseball Pro cover arcade gaming’s baseball gamut.