Andamiro USA introduces 0% financing for SpongeBob Ticket Coaster

IRVING, TX, October 12, 2022– Andamiro USA Corp., a manufacturer of high-earning commercial amusement machines, and LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. (“LEAF”), a leading U.S. equipment leasing and finance company and subsidiary of M&T Bank, today announced a 0.00% financing program for Andamiro’s SpongeBob Ticket Coaster game.

The limited-time program, ending December 31, or while supplies last, is available through authorized Andamiro distributors in three options:

» 0.00% interest for 12 months.
» 1.99% interest for 18 months.
» 1.99% interest for 24 months.

“The Federal Reserve’s historic rate hikes is the largest six-month increase in 41 years, and more hikes could be coming,” said Andamiro USA marketing manager Nick Montano. “Operators would have to go back to 1981 – when Donkey Kong, Defender and Galaga arrived on the coin-op scene – to find a six-month period when interest rates rose more.”

For more than a year, operators have been grappling with soaring costs for staff wages, prize merchandise, food and beverage supplies, games and parts, and freight. Andamiro’s 0.00% or 1.99% interest plans will allow eligible operators, through participating distributors, to spread the cost of a strong-earning Ticket Coaster over 12, 18 or 24 months. Additionally, the LEAF program provides the option to kick in one-time fees like distributor freight and the factory surcharge. The standard filing fee is $199.

Spongebob Ticket Coaster StraightSpongeBob SquarePants Ticket Coaster is an entertaining gravity game packaged in an attractive cabinet that pairs two player stations on opposite sides in an island format. Players start the mechanical action by releasing a ball into a helix launcher, or corkscrew, which in turn deposits the ball onto a track to complete the ride. The object of the game is to accurately time the landing of a ball into the opening of one of the roller coaster cars. Learn more here.

Ticket Coaster is in stock and ready to ship immediately. 

More information about Ticket Coaster financing is available from Andamiro’s Nick Montano at (646) 325-6477 or [email protected] and LEAF’s Jay Laufenberg at (610) 608-2007 or [email protected].

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About Andamiro

Founded 30 years ago, Andamiro makes ticket redemption amusements, prize merchandisers, sports and video games, along with the iconic Pump It Up music and dance floor. The MLB Players Association, NFL Players Inc., Nickelodeon, Universal, The Walt Disney Co. and World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. are among our licensing partners. Andamiro USA Corp. is based in Irving, TX.