SpongeBob VR Bubble Coaster

LAS VEGAS, March 2023 — Buckle up maties! A new VR coaster developed by Rilix and Andamiro USA will make its official industry debut at this year’s Amusement Expo International in Las Vegas. SpongeBob VR Bubble Coaster is a low-cost, unattended VR attraction that seats two guests.

The new VR attraction is affordable, boasts world-famous characters and offers multigenerational appeal. It ships with three immersive rides that take guests on scenic adventures through Bikini Bottom. Ride titles are “Plankton Robot,” “Goo Lagoon” and “Krusty Krab.” Each ride features a game in which guests use hand gestures to pop bubbles as they ride through Bikini Bottom.

“The Bikini Bottom theme is an amazing environment and allows us to be very creative,” said Rilix COO Michael Carvalho. “Nickelodeon helped us a lot by providing insights and references during all development stages. Creating a new product helps to learn more and more, and the potential for this product is even bigger than we originally had thought.”

During the final stages of development, Bubble Coaster tested in a variety of venues around the country. “Technically, the design held up well and had very few issues,” reported Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco. “And performance data were strong, with consistently high weekly earnings and rankings, and very high utilization percentages. We believed Bubble Coaster will deliver swift ROI and offer a long service life.

“Our goal was to create a VR product with a great license that would be affordable and go everywhere,” Maniscalco added. “We did it!”

The Bubble Coaster measures 48″ W. x 72″ D. x 105″ H. (with marquee), weighs 250 lbs. and has a power consumption of 796W (6.8A). The versatile size is ideal for FECs, arcades or vending locations. Rides are equipped with wind and vibration haptics.

SpongeBob VR Bubble Coaster will be on display in Andamiro booth A817 and Rilix booth A1113. Amusement Expo’s exhibits are open Wednesday and Thursday, March 29 and 30, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The SpongeBob coasters are sold and marketed by Andamiro USA and manufactured by Rilix. The line will begin shipping in May; Rilix will oversee technical support and service. For more information, please email [email protected].

About Rilix

Founded in 2014 and based in Melbourne, FL, Rilix specializes in creating digital coaster rides and games on an affordable virtual reality platform. More than 1,000 location-based Rilix coasters have been placed in 25 countries, attracting some 7 million users. Its compact VR pods can snap into small spaces in retail locations or game rooms. Rilix is online at www.rilix.business.

About Andamiro

Founded 31 years ago in South Korea, Andamiro makes ticket redemption amusements, prize merchandisers, sports and video games, along with the Pump It Up music and dance series. The MLB Players Association, NFL Players Inc., Nickelodeon, Universal, The Walt Disney Co. and World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. are among our licensing partners. Andamiro USA, is based in Irving, TX, and online at www.andamirousa.com. Its South Korea-based parent company, Andamiro Co. Ltd., is online at www.andamiro.com.


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PHOTO: Rilix’s Michael Carvalho (left) and Andamiro USA’s Drew Maniscalco pose with SpongeBob VR Bubble Coaster at NJAA’s expo held early March in Atlantic City, NJ.
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NJAA showgoers take virtual thrill rides through Bikini Bottom. New SpongeBob VR Bubble Coaster ships with 3 rides.