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SpongeBob Pirates’ in-game cards

Andamiro’s SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom redemption game combines character cards, plastic chips, video gameplay and ball pusher mechanics to create an arcade mashup with plenty of depth – and lots of ways for gamers to win tickets. For its in-game card series, Pirates of Bikini Bottom corrals a hilarious ensemble of undersea SpongeBob characters. The nine-card redemption set features SpongeBob (also as Patchy), Patrick (and his hook-handed pirate alter ego), Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Plankton and Gary the Snail (or Painty), along with The Flying Dutchman as the rare piece. The colorful cards feature witty pirate riddles on the backside.


Andamiro in-game character cards are only sold to game owners and operators. They are not available for purchase to consumers. Game owners can order blank and custom cards (logo or barcode – only one) from an Andamiro distributor. For custom card orders, use the order form on this page to get started. Custom orders require an 18-box minimum purchase and 7-10 days to ship after approval.

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150 cards per box


In stock

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