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Rush the footballs into end zone and win cards in this exciting four-station super pusher

SKU: a853b3fd671b

NFLPA Red Zone Rush challenges players to rush the ball through the Red Zone to win tickets. This four-player arcade centerpiece is made by Andamiro and marketed exclusively by Bandai Namco. Red Zone Rush leverages Andamiro’s licensing agreement the NFL Players Association. In gameplay, patrons choose their NFL player, get their timing right and push the button. The NFL player mechanism will push forward through dozens of mini footballs on a rotating playfield. When a patron pushes a ball into the end zone, they win. When they push through a ball with a letter on it, they win a ticket value. When the patron gets in all the balls required to spell T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N, they win the super bonus. Red Zone Rush also allows arcade-goers win and collect cards; it plays with a 16-card set featuring eight offensive and eight defensive NFL superstars.

Dimensions, Weight & Power Requirements


Dims: 73” (1855mm) W. x 73” D. (1855mm) x 106” H. (2686mm)
Weight: 1,466 lbs. (665kg)
Power Consumption: 900W / 8A


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Leaflets & Service Manuals

NFLPA Red Zone Rush manual
(Manual, pdf, 7.67 MB)