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At each sequential monster level, the drop height increases, the space between the paddles widens and the paddle sizes get smaller. Winning is all about hand-eye coordination.

SKU: b28a172b4b0e

Monster Catcher, a video redemption game, starts with a saucer-shaped spaceship unloading the game’s alien creatures. There are seven distinct, strange-looking monsters and each represents the same number of difficulty levels in gameplay. With every increasingly challenging catch attempt, the player can win more tickets. If the player squeezes successful catches at all seven levels, they win the super bonus. The videogame’s objective and interface are simple. When a monster drops, the player presses a button to try to catch it between two round paddles. Success is all about timing. Monster Catcher boasts a 55” high-def LCD and simple one-button play.

Dimensions, Weight & Power Requirements


Dims: 35” (889mm) W. x 34” D. (864mm) x 100” H. (2540mm)
Weight: 375 lbs. (170kg)
Power Consumption: 360W / 3A


Number of pallets: 1
Dims: 46" x 36" x 88"
Weight: 540 lbs.

Leaflets & Service Manuals

(Leaflet, pdf, 526.25 KB)
Monster Catcher manual
(Manual, pdf, 3.67 MB)