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AM.Pass RFID card (Pump It Up)

AM.Pass for Pump It Up is an RFID card that allows PIU players to track ranked points, steps and times, among other data. To activate an account linked to the player-loyalty card, a user registers at the official Pump It Up website: Once registered, the collection of activity data begins at the first login, and preferred settings (favorite songs and charts, etc., along with command lists) can be saved and changed. Registered cardholders can also identify rivals (also cardholders) to see how they compare. Additionally, AM.Pass provides access to higher-level charts not available otherwise. AM.Pass was introduced with Andamiro’s current LX 55” cabinet, which is equipped with two RFID card readers. Legacy PIU cabinets can support AM.Pass operations if they are updated with RFID readers. Twenty complimentary AM.Pass cards are include with purchases of new PIU LX systems or current upgrade kits. Individual cards can be purchased through authorized Pump It Up distributors and resellers.

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