GARDENA, CA, April 13— Los Angeles County announced on April 10 that it will extend its “safer-at-home” order to May 15. The announcement was made as county public health officials conveyed optimism that the distancing measure has helped slow the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, Andamiro USA’s Gardena-based employees will continue to work at home until the order is lifted.

L.A. County first issued the stay-home order on March 19, and initially said it would end on April 19. California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a statewide order on the same day and said it would remain in place until further notice. Following these declarations,

The county and state orders both ban public gatherings, and have forced the closure of beaches, hiking trails, parks and nonessential businesses. Andamiro USA maintains its main office and warehouse in Gardena, CA, which is located in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County.

“While we consider our business ‘essential’ to our distributors and operators, and to the overall U.S. economy, it’s important that we adhere to the social-distancing measures put in place by California, all other states and counties, and the federal government,” said Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco. “The reports we’re seeing about the spread of coronavirus, and the COVID-19 disease it causes, show that social distancing — perhaps ‘physical distancing’ is a more appropriate term — is working. We’ll be back at the office soon, and I believe the away-from-home amusement industry is well positioned to recover.”

Our main departments can always be reached at:

» [email protected] or (310) 767-5800 x2

» [email protected] or (310) 767-5800 x3

» [email protected] or (310) 767-5800 x4

» [email protected] or (310) 767-5800 x1

Andamiro USA’s senior executive staff members are:

» Drew Maniscalco, president, (813) 313-9095

» Min Lee, chief operating officer, (310) 707-5292

» Nick Montano, director of marketing, (646) 325-6477

» Evan Kirby, sales manager, (774) 222-5694

Urgent shipping requests from our warehouse can be arranged by appointment. Shipping for new and existing game orders can also be arranged.