IRVING, Texas—September 4, 2023— Andamiro is pleased to announce that its latest coin pusher developed in partnership with Marvel Studios will begin shipping in September. The Spider-Man Coin Pusher, marking Andamiro’s third Marvel-themed release for the out-of-home entertainment sector, offers an engaging experience for arcade enthusiasts while boosting income and marketing opportunities for operators. The integration of the beloved superhero’s charisma with cutting-edge electromechanical design distinguishes this offering.

Spider Man 3 Angles

The new game’s captivating two-player cabinet, adorned with Spider-Man motifs, instantly captures attention, while the gameplay mechanics within ensure an immersive experience. Players exercise precision in launching coins at targets, accumulating them on the platform to steadily “push” Spider-Man’s blue and red spheres over the ledge.


At its core, the Spider-Man Coin Pusher features a streamlined design that focuses solely on three in-game elements. Doing away with extraneous items like character cards or chips, the new game plays with self-contained silver coins, small blue balls and large red balls.

Central to the game’s allure is the auto-rotating coin-firing mechanism, mirroring Spider-Man’s web-shooting ability in his signature hand gesture. Triggered with a single shot, the mechanism propels three coins in rapid succession, introducing an element of surprise and strategic planning. As coins cascade through illuminated targets at the back of the playfield, they drive an array of effects.

Spider Man Firing Mech Img 3998

Photo: Spidey’s coin-shooting mechanism.

“Andamiro’s dedication to crafting a unique experience for the Spider-Man game led us to invest significant time and resources into the development of the rapid-firing coin mechanism,” observed a spokesperson for Andamiro’s Spider-Man product development team.

The fast coin shooting feature ensures the playfield remains populated, simplifying the task of pushing balls over the edge.


The new coin pusher’s standout feature is the Rapid Auto Shot event, generating a flurry of action as up to 45 coins rain down within a 15-second interval. (Rapid Auto Shot’s interval is adjustable between 10 and 30 seconds, offering 30 to 90 bonus shots.)

The interaction with Spider-Man’s small blue and big red spheres is another key mechanic, which also connects with Spider-Man’s heroic narrative. Pushing the blue ball over the edge advances players along a 12-step journey map, leading to a Rapid Auto Shot event upon completion. Pushing a red ball over triggers the high-stakes Big Ball Game, and an opportunity for significant ticket rewards in the Super Spin Game. The Super Spin Game is also activated via Spider Sense; collecting five Spider Sense units through the Big Ball Game enables a spin for the super bonus.


Designed to encapsulate the urban escapades of Spider-Man and Peter Parker, the comic book hero’s secret identity, in a fictional New York City setting, Andamiro’s new coin game integrates narrative elements with gameplay, resulting in several dynamic electromechanical sequences. For example, both player sides are seamlessly served by the same bonus mechanisms. First, the Big Ball Drop armature swivels left or right, depositing a red ball on the side of the player who earns it. Second, the Super Spin device glides along a gantry, coming to a stop to spin before the player who attains it. Both mechanisms offer an entertaining spectacle.

Layout 1

Photos: From left, images show Spidey’s big ball drop armature, big ball game, Spider Sense meter, game map and super-spin game.

Spider-Man is Andamiro’s fourth pusher line. Drawing from the company’s decade-long expertise in designing coin pushers, the Spider-Man model incorporates the latest coin elevators, coin hoppers, and medal roller assemblies. These main pusher elements, often subject to replacement, now exhibit heightened reliability levels. Spider-Man’s robust construction and cohesive electromechanical systems are optimized for peak performance efficiency and sustained operational uptime. That said, it can handle the most demanding conditions at high-traffic arcades.

Measuring 70” W. x 46” D. x 106” H. and weighing 1,090 lbs. (out of the box), the Spider-Man Coin Pusher commands an impressive physical presence. Power consumption peaks at 700 watts (5.8 amps.).

“This is our fourth pusher and our best,” said Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco. “I was on location during the testing period and player reactions were phenomenal. The game was a top earner every week and worked flawlessly during the test period.

“Players really enjoyed shooting coins onto the playfield from Spider-Man’s hand,” Maniscalco continued, “and the game rules are engaging, and the action is nonstop. Spider-Man is an evergreen license, and its fan base is very loyal and touches all ages. The Spider-Man Coin Pusher is going to be a smash hit!”