Pump It Up Lx Phoenix2024 WebIRVING, TX–June 12, 2024– Andamiro is pleased to announce the release of Pump It Up Phoenix 2024, version 2.00.0, marking the ninth and most significant update in the Phoenix series introduced a year ago. The ambitious update, which began downloading to Pump It Up games in late May, transforms the Phoenix rhythm and dance sensation into an even more immersive and exhilarating experience, practically making it a whole new game. Like all updates in a Pump It Up series, version 2.00.0 is free.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pump It Up Phoenix, which has been a tremendous success thanks to our dedicated community of players,” said M-Project leader Mr. Changhee Son (a.k.a. MACNOM). “With the release of Phoenix 2024, we are taking the Pump It Up experience to the next level.”

Pump It Up Phoenix 2024 introduces a host of features and content enhancements to the iconic five-step dance simulator that aim to please both seasoned and novice players. Andamiro is confident this update will captivate and challenge all who step onto the dance platform. Following are some key features of Phoenix 2024…

New 2024 Songs and Step Charts

Phoenix 2024 rolls out with 10 new songs, including K-pop hits like “Crush” by Zerobaseone, “Queendom” by (G)I-dle, and “Bubble” by STAYC, as well as original tracks such as “Imperium” by Sakuzyo. All 10 new tracks come with a variety of step charts. Rounding out the 2024’s newest playlist are “Hercules” by Abel and “Wither Garden” by Uma (feat. Kanon Tachibana) in the original category, along with such world music additions as “Poppin’ Shower” by P*Light, “Big Daddy” by USAO, and “Horang Pungryuga” by Sangnoksu (feat. Hanana). Exclusive to Premium Mode is “Giselle” by Sobrem (aka Widowmaker), another world music title.

Piu Phoenix 2024 Logo

Additionally, 14 new step charts have been added for existing songs, including updates to popular tracks like “Rolling Christmas” and “Dr. M.”, providing fresh challenges for players. These new steps are designed to keep the gameplay experience fresh and challenging.

UI and Feature Updates

Phoenix 2024 comes with a revamped user interface and new features, including the “Judge Timing” command for adjusting judgment timing. Most prominently, the theme and colors of the UI have been updated to reflect the new version, enhancing the visual appeal of the game with a cool blue color scheme.

Gameplay Enhancements

The update includes adjustments and modifications to existing steps and songs for improved balance and greater challenges. Songs like “Conflict” have been reintroduced with modified step charts, while other tracks have had gimmicks added or removed to improve playability.

Website Reskin

Amplifying the 2024 theme, the official Pump It Up website – located at piugame.com – has been updated to resemble version 2.00.0’s colors. It features such new page resources as Pumpility and Pumpility Ranking. These pages provide players with a combined score and ranking list, showcasing the top 50 highest-rated songs and global player rankings.

Ongoing Features from Phoenix 2023

Phoenix 2024 continues to offer the revolutionary gameplay modes introduced in the original Phoenix release, including Premium Mode, Full Mode and Basic Mode. The extensive music library with more than 500 track and advanced scoring system based on a 1-million-point scale remain integral parts of the Pump It Up experience.

How the Update Works

Pump It Up Phoenix 2024 began downloading on May 27. To ensure your machine is updated, it must be connected to the internet and running the most recent previous version, Phoenix v1.08.1. Once connected, the update file will be downloaded automatically and processed upon rebooting the machine. Please note that download times may vary depending on your network speed. If the machine is connected using a LAN cable dedicated to Japanese rhythm games (Konami/Bemani, etc.), automatic updates will not occur. Ensure the machine is connected via a regular LAN cable for the update to proceed.

Pump It Up no longer supports USB for updates or player profiles. Player profiles are now managed exclusively through AM.PASS RFID cards, offering a streamlined and secure way to maintain and access your game data.

About Pump It Up

Developed and published by Andamiro Co. Ltd., Pump It Up has been a trailblazer in the rhythm and dance video game genre since its inception in 1999 in South Korea. Renowned for its unique five-step dance platform and captivating gameplay, Pump It Up has evolved into a global phenomenon, adored by a passionate community of fans known as “Pumpers” and recognized as a pop culture icon by many people. The game is crafted by a dedicated design and engineering team led by Mr. Changhee Son, who ensures that each iteration delivers continuous improvement and musical variety.

With Pump It Up Phoenix 2024, Andamiro continues a 25-year legacy of innovation in the dance simulation and e-sports video game categories. Pump It Up products are available through Andamiro distributors who sell the dedicated LX-55 cabinet and upgrade kits. Contact [email protected].