IRVING, TX–December 27, 2022– Andamiro, a leading designer and manufacturer of arcade attractions, is pleased to announce a new in-game card series for Superstar Rumble, a pro wrestling-themed quick-coin machine. Andamiro will begin printing and shipping the “Wrestling Pro” series in the second quarter of 2023.

The new card collection features eight fictional wrestling characters who represent ticket values in gameplay. Wrestlers worth 50 tickets are Bad News Brian, Scarface, Venomous Viki, New Jersey Tony, Hurricane Hayley, Dynamite Danny and Hammerin’ Harry. Players win the super bonus when they collect and redeem all seven 50-ticket cards. The special rare card is TNT Terance, valued at 100 tickets.

Wrestling Pro cards

Introduced in 2018, Andamiro’s Superstar Rumble challenges arcade gamers to fire steel balls at a moving target resembling a championship belt. A successful shot moves the player up the ladder, while a miss redirects the ball onto a maze-like playfield where tickets are won. When a player reaches the top of the ladder, they win a card. Superstar Rumble has two player stations.

The new Wrestling Pro series will give the card-dispensing game a fresh look. Most importantly, it will provide operators with a long-term solution for card supplies. Wrestling Pro cards ship in 150-ct. boxes. Custom cards with a barcode or logo are available in 18-box minimum orders. Andamiro is also providing updated cabinet signage and decals to complement the new card set.

For more information about Superstar Rumble’s Wrestling Pro redemption cards, please email [email protected].