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DMJL Minion collectible cards

Minion cards are part of the gameplay in Andamiro’s Despicable Me Jelly Lab quick-coin game licensed from Universal Studios. The DMJL collectible series includes seven Minion character cards in amusing poses. Featured are Dave, Kevin, Phil and Stuart, as well as the Evil Minion, along with cameos by Dr. Nefario and Gru. In DMJL gameplay, players time the drop of their tokens by pressing a button to try to land on targets – designated ticket values or “Win Card” – that continually loop on a conveyor belt system. Minion cards appear and move on their own belt. Each card has a ticket value, and players who collect the whole set can redeem it for the super-bonus payout. Andamiro ships four boxes (150 ct. each) of blank cards complimentary with a new machine purchase. Cards can be customized with a venue or company logo, or barcode; custom cards require a 17-box minimum order. Andamiro prints its card content on a white PVC substrate (30 mil. thickness). Cards measure 3.375″ x 2.125″ and are very durable.

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150 cards per box


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